Is the gallery a site where creativity in the past is preserved, a place where the visitors, standing at a distance from the art works, maintains a bilateral relationship between the art and the beholder? How could an exhibition site be transformed into a gallery, where multiple artists and visitors from around the world could participate in the creative process, here and now, in a multicultural dialogue between the local, regional, national and the global? (Xuhua Zhan,2014)


The Gallery is a multimedia art project created by Chinese artist Wang Xin in 2013. The Gallery is both functional as an alternative exhibition art space and as an artwork in the context of contemporary art. The Gallery has its own distinct and self-sufficient operating system. Compared to a usual gallery or exhibition space, The Gallery is different in the following ways:

-All the submitted artworks and exhibition proposals that do not violate local laws and are within the given requirements will be shown in The Gallery without any review process.

-All the exhibitions presented in The Gallery are managed, installed and marketed by the proposers/participants (i.e. the artists/art group).

-The Gallery does not hold onto any artwork after the exhibitions. All physical art works exhibited in The Gallery are shredded and destroyed if not removed by participants. All the digital files of artworks will be deleted if the artists do not want show them again in The Gallery's future exhibition seasons.

-The duration of each exhibition of The Gallery is from 1 ~ 5 hours. In the 5th exhibition season of The Gallery the duration for each exhibition is 1 hour long.

-The installation and dismantle time for each exhibition should be limited to 5~15 minutes and must be factored into the 1 hour exhibition period. This time is fixed and cannot be extended under any circumstance. As each exhibition only lasts for a short period, proposers/participants will need to consider how to communicate their artistic practices/idea in a short time.

-The Gallery does not have a regular location. The location of The Gallery depends on where The Gallery is shown as a work of art. When The Gallery is presented in an art gallery, exhibition space, museum or other location that place then becomes The Gallery's location during a given time.

-The Gallery does not have regular opening hours. The opening times of The Gallery depend on the opening times of the place where The Gallery is presented.

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