We are pleased to announce that The Gallery’s 4th Exhibition Season will be located in Go Art Center in Shenzhen, China as part of Shenzhen Midea Art Festivial. The Gallery is an experimental project which examines the making of an exhibition and the role of social media in PR & marketing, interpretation and participation. The Gallery is an installation set up as a physical gallery and has one exhibition space with a fixed set of equipment (LCD TV,lighting, etc). Artists will be invited to submit proposals for full or half-day exhibitions during The Gallery installation.

The mission of The Gallery is to provide a unique platform for artists, filmmakers, creative writers, performers and art lovers to present their art works and practice through its innovative exhibition system. The whole process of every exhibition – installation, use of the exhibition system, viewing and participation etc – is part of the experience.

We are excited to announce that The Gallery is once again putting out a worldwide call for art submissions for this new exhibition season! The deadline for submission is 20th December, 2016.

We are looking forward to your participation!


To submit a work:

Fill out and submit an electronic version of the entry form, which can be found at

Download Application Form


1. The Gallery main structure dimensions will be around W 200cm x D 200cm x H 250cm in its 3rd exhibition season; and the outside space for The Gallery is around 20 square meter. Both spaces can be used for The Gallery's exhibitions.

2. There is no entry fee for applying the The Gallery's exhibition season; none of the materials sent to The Gallery will be returned.

3. A confirmation of your submission will be sent to the email address provided on the entry form as soon as The Gallery have received all the required materials.

4. Submitting a work to The Gallery implies that you grant the organizers the non-exclusive right to archive the submitted materials for informational, documentation and research purposes.

5. All entrants submitting works to The Gallery agree to audio-video recording of their performances, interviews, concerts, installations and/or events, and to the use of these recordings for promotional, educational and/or research purposes.

6. For sound art, performance art or live art please include clear descriptions and illustrations in the application form.

7. Ephemera art is particularly suitable for The Gallery: as every project has a five-hour window, artists should assume set-up and break-down time of around 30 mins. One or two volunteer will be on site to help during these periods.

8. Artists will be responsible for the delivery, set-up and break-down of their exhibition. The Gallery will provide one or two volunteer to help.

9. As each exhibition only lasts for a short period, proposers/participants will need to consider how to communicate their artistic practices/idea in a short time.

10. There is no financial support available for costs incurred by any artists.

11. Submitting a work to The Gallery means that you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this document.



We only accept high quality prints without artist signature; or hi-res digital images (300 dpi). Please do not send any original painting or drawing work unless they are allowed to be shredded at the end of exhibition or you can come to The Gallery and bring them back by yourself after the exhibition is over. If you are unable to submit digital images, we also accept clearly printed, labeled, in-focus images. Please also attach a label on the copy with work information and artist contact information on it.

[IMPORTANT:All submitted materials will not be returned. All printed artwork will be shredded at the end of exhibitions. The Gallery will not keep any artwork after each exhibition season is over. If The Gallery is located in an art fair, all printed artwork will be shredded at the end of art fair.]


We accept screen based video, film, animation or hybrid work. Submissions may take the form of documentary, experimental, video-essay, machinima , etc.

[IMPORTANT:All submitted video files must be in MPEG 4 formate, no more bigger than 2GB.]


We accept works of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, experimental prose, drama and also accept excerpts from novel or novellas. Prose and excerpt submissions should be double –spaced, typed, with page numbers clearly marked. Poetry submissions should be single-spaced, typed, with the title for each poem clearly marked. We also accept written works in the form of video documentation and audio documentation of readings.


For performance or live show submission please make sure that the proposed performance setting-up process will not be too complex and can be done in 30 minutes. The Gallery do not afford equipments or stuffs you need to use in the performance or live show. Please make sure that you can get them all by yourself. The Gallery can afford staff to help you setting up. Please give detailed description about your performance and how you will carry out in The Gallery's space.


The Gallery also accepts the submission in the other form such as artist talk/ art workshop and so on. Please give detailed description about your idea and how you will carry out in The Gallery's space.


You can submit all materials by e-mail to:

*For large digital files please email us directly to ask for our web disk information.

We Are Looking Forward to Your Application:)