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Artists of Re/Modeled + Re/Leased [Feb.28th,2014]
Chen Chenyu

Motion Production,
6'20", Chen Chenyu

Description: The imagination of images and natural resources stimulates production as well as performance with the actions of spinning, compressing and shooting, which transform energy and shapes into different spaces and media. The video is in a conversation with how these motions of performative productivity respond to the making as well as receiving of images.

Jeremy Gloster

Eternal Scroll
3'37", Jeremy Gloster

Description: Eternal Scroll is a video essay exploring digital impermanence and cultural production that utilizes digital technologies. All scenes were created in Autodesk Maya.

Jiang Yuehao

Light Without Color
2'23", Jiang Yuehao

Description: Light Without Color is a black and white animation without any colorful element, however technically, the projection effect on the castle was made by applying an image as the color of a light in Maya. The distorted images on the surfaces of architecture and landscape explores the relationship between moving light and object.

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Nick Kegeyan

The Grays #1
Nick Kegeyan

Description: A series of compositions of found objects that lost their texture files and found their light via other peoples art documentation.